Teaching Experience

Virginia Tech

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate School. Fall 2018-Spring 2019.

Fall 2018-Spring 2019: GRAD 5114 Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts (aka Contemporary Pedagogy)



Graduate Teaching Assistant, Landscape Architecture Program, College of Architecture and Urban Studies. Spring 2017-2018.

Spring 2017 and 2018: LAR 2164 Landform Function & Aesthetics. Currently lead weekly AutoCAD workshops to introduce and teach design tools and its applications to landscape architecture grading projects. Grade daily grading exercises and help to evaluate student work.

Fall 2017: LAR 4084 Design and Planning. GRA/GTA for the Chattahoochee National Water Trail Conceptual Plan project; worked with the 5th-year design studio to help facilitate instruction and documentation.

Spring 2018: LAR 4304 (CRN 19682) Topics in Landscape Architecture | UH 4504 (CRN19685) Honors Discovery & Innovation Studio | LAR 5304G (CRN 19683) Topics in Landscape Architecture. GRA/GTA for the Chattahoochee National Water Trail Conceptual Plan Project. Assisting with teaching and facilitating in studio.


Mississippi State University

Teaching Assistant, Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Fall 2012-Spring 2014.

Fall 2012: Landscape Systems & Plant Communities. Introductory course for landscape architecture. Assisted with plant identification and drawing tips in the landscape during weekly field trips. Graded assignments including section drawings, projects, and plans. Contact: Tim Schauwecker, Ph.D. and Bob Brzuzeck

Spring 2013 & 2014: Computers in Landscape Architecture. Introductory course for landscape architecture students: AutoCAD, Google SketchUP, and Photoshop were formally introduced to students in a studio-style course. Assisted with troubleshooting problems and helping students navigate the individual programs. Introduced Adobe InDesign in workshops for portfolio development. Graded assignments.

Fall 2013: Introduction to Landscape Architecture. Introductory course for landscape architecture students. Covered history of landscape architecture, design principles, and landscape architecture methodology and practice. Graded assignments and assisted with activities in the classroom.

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