Mission Statement

This blogging exercise is to share mission statements from two institutions of higher learning. The first example comes from my Alma Mater, Mississippi State University (MSU), a land-grant institution located in Northwest Mississippi’s Golden Triangle, in a city called Starkville. I went to MSU for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees; attending from 2004-2009 for my B.F.A. (sculpture) and again from 2012-2015 for my M.L.A. The following mission statement is from the Department of Landscape Architecture’s website: “The Department of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University has pledged to “foster the will and ability to plan, design, build, and manage … Continue Reading →

And lo, a blog is born!

So in all fairness, I must tell you this is not my first blog. I had a Xanga in high school (back when MySpace was THE thing to do), when I was a student at the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science (MSMS) from 2002-04. And I also kept a blog during a study abroad experience in 2009 when I was in Italy–Blogger.com, maybe? The blog I kept while attending MSMS was only read by a few of my friends and perhaps some random strangers who stumbled upon it online. My travel blog was read by friends and family. I … Continue Reading →