Harrell is pursuing her Ph.D. in Architecture & Design Research exploring topics in sustainable residential design: both to understand what the challenges and barriers to sustainable residential design are, but to also understand what motivates clients and landscape architects to make their design choices. The research is about understanding the elements of sustainable residential design and the social and cultural factors that support or degrade local ecology.  Through this research, Harrell will make contributions to theory and practice that will help communities become healthier places to live and work in; the broader impacts mean a measurable contribution to global human and ecosystem health, one residential landscape at a time.

For 2018-19, she will be the Graduate Teaching Assistant for GRAD 5114 Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts, part of the Graduate Dean’s Transformative Graduate Education Initiative. She has been a Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant in the Landscape Architecture Program in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech since her enrollment in Fall 2016. Appointments have varied; in 2017-18, she served as the GRA for the Chattahoochee National Water Trail Conceptual Plan Project and for the VT LAR Program on communications as part of the team that planned the 2018 CELA conference held in Blacksburg, VA.

She is currently serving as a Chair of the Departmental Advisory Board for the Department of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University. Prior to acceptance at Virginia Tech, Harrell held a sales position at Green Oak Garden Center LLC in Jackson, MS, where she practiced landscape design.


Ph.D. student, Current. Architecture and Design Research, Landscape Architecture Program, Virginia Tech.

MLA, 2015. Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University.

BFA, 2009. Fine Art (Sculpture Emphasis), Mississippi State University.

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