Jigsaw-Zigsaw: An Adventure for Every GEDI

This week, we learned a different approach for teaching and learning in the classroom. This blog entry is the story of that experience. Two weeks ago at the end of class, each student was given a number which corresponded to a short reading assignment, and we were all told to return to class last week ready to go on our sections. With that, class was dismissed and we were all on our way. As we trickled back into the classroom last week, we were greeted at the door by our Teaching Assistant (TA) team, Jyotsana, Greg, & Amy who directed us to … Continue Reading →

Three Minute Thesis [What role do green roofs play in biodiversity?]

The following is the transcript from my speech at Mississippi State University‘s Three Minute Thesis competition. I’m sharing for two reasons: 1) it was a fun activity that I would like to do again for a chance at redemption (that’s a story for another day…) and 2) I wanted to share my research because that’s what doing research is all about! What role do green roofs play in biodiversity? Imagine yourself in the middle of a city. Impervious surfaces are everywhere, and generalist species like pigeons forage trash discarded by motorists on the street. Oily stormwater refracts into thousands of colors as it joins … Continue Reading →