Where Do We Go from Here? A Global Perspectives Essay on Trends in Design Higher Education

This post is the essay I wrote to close out my Global Perspectives Program experience. My research topics were trends in teaching & learning in the U.S. and Europe and Emerging Trends in Design Education, which I explored while developing the following paper. To learn more about our experience & the 2017 cohort, please visit the GPP website. Where Do We Go from Here? A Global Perspectives Essay on Trends in Design Higher Education The Global Perspectives Program (GPP) is about joining the future professoriate. The world is rich in geological, biological, and cultural diversity. Diversity is also present in institutions of higher … Continue Reading →

First Impressions of Switzerland

Arrival The six of us who traveled together made it into town on Saturday morning, at about 10:15 AM local time. We are 6 hours ahead of our normal timezone (Eastern) so the fact that we flew overnight helped a little bit because we at least had the opportunity to get in a catnap. (I “slept” somewhat restlessly on the plane for about 3 hours. It was better than nothing!) We went through customs as a group where we were greeted and passed by a very friendly agent. Afterwards, we found our way to the baggage claim carousels and retrieved … Continue Reading →

Pre-Trip Jitters

Tomorrow at 5:30 AM my journey begins. I’m all packed. My family is all packed. The car is mostly packed. The baby is asleep in her crib and my husband is asleep on the couch. In a little while I will wake him and send him to bed, where I am not long to follow. Before dawn, we will rise and make our way to Roanoke where I will board a train and begin working my way towards the rest of my friends and the Dean in Switzerland for the 2018 Global Perspectives Program. I am so excited and also … Continue Reading →

Planning for a Culture Shock

Early Observations While our actual departure to Switzerland seems like a long ways off (at 93 days away), I know that if I blink, it will be here in an instant. And so I have begun to plan my trip now in earnest. Part of the planning involves keeping a journal about the process, so I have been collecting my notes, ideas, and first impressions this week in an effort to try and wrap my brain around the culture I am soon to be immersed in. Ultimately, I feel like I’m preparing myself for a culture shock. Proper planning will … Continue Reading →

The Countdown Begins: 115 Days to Switzerland.

Back in November, I received an email calling for applications to Dean Depauw’s Global Perspectives Program (GPP) through the Graduate School. This program integrates face to face study here at Virginia Tech with a study abroad experience based out of VT’s educational facility in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. “The Global Perspectives Program enables graduate students to examine differences in academic practices and to develop innovative and effective approaches that foster international awareness and education. During the trip, participants gather firsthand knowledge about global higher education through (a) visits to a diverse array of universities, (b) discussions with various faculty, administrators, and … Continue Reading →