Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 23]

Sunday, April 23, 2017 ░ Hi ~60°F / Lo 44°F Backyard Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 10:26 AM (23 Minutes) The radar image below shows how the weather’s been all day. We have experienced different levels of intensity of rain all day long. I managed to complete a few checklists today while we were all hanging out around the house. It was an interesting day for birding! It did rain, but not so hard that it kept all the birds sheltered in the trees and brush.The birds that are visiting our neighborhood were very active today!   ( This … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 22]

Saturday, April 22, 2017 ░ Hi 65°F / Lo 46°F Backyard Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 12:33 PM (3 Minutes) It has been a busy morning here at the Harrell house. I had an opportunity between rain showers to take my daughter out on the back patio to join me while I potted-up a few plants and watched for birds with her. The radar tells a story of scattered showers of varying intensity… the weather man says we will have more showers all weekend, too. I believe him. [] We may try again later for another birding session. It’s nice to … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 8]

Saturday, April 8, 2017 ☼ Hi 62.6°F / Lo 34.0°F Coal Mining Loop Trail @ Heritage Park | Blacksburg, VA | 2:00 PM (90 Minutes) This birding trip was the same as the previous week on April 2. We walked the same trail as last time, I thought it would be interesting to see what might be similar or different. [*we walked the same trail, but we doubled back to visit the restrooms on this hike, so we ended up with more mileage+] Here is what I saw: 1 female ruby kinglet, 1 male red cardinal, 2 blue jays, 1 blue … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 1]

Saturday, April 1, 2017 ☼ Hi 56.7°F / Lo 45.3°F Warm-Up Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 8:55 AM (5 Minutes) This is my backyard. It’s about 25′ wide, and about that deep to the bottom of the hill. This picture was taken after I finished my 5-minute birding session when I was trying out my eBird app for the first time. As you can see, we were experiencing early-early spring weather then and there were no leaves on any of the deciduous plants; however, the grass (weeds) was (were) starting to turn green again. In my backyard, I … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Public Outreach]

This entry discusses the public outreach and user experience aspects of citizen science through First, I want to talk about my experience using the mobile all. To sum it up: the user interface on the eBird app is pretty cool. I like how specific I can be with my location, time of day, duration, and other details (custom notes) that I can include about my outings bird watching. I also like that when there is something unusual reported that the app forces you to include a note or verify the species count, etc. instead of just taking the data at face … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Project Design]

Project design So I’m behind on my posts, but I’ve been busy! You, dear reader, are three weekends behind my birding adventures! My apologies. (Just so you know: I’m birding at Heritage Park, Blacksburg on the weekends & during the week I’m birding from my kitchen window!) Seriously, it is a priority to get those posts up. We have seen a lot of interesting characters since spring has sprung! For now, though, let me slow things down a bit and tell you a little more about my project design and how works. The following questions in bold come from the prompt … Continue Reading →

Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Introduction]

This semester, I have been challenged to find a citizen science project and participate as part of NR 5724 Conservation Ecology (Dr. Megan Draheim). I love this assignment for two big reasons. First, now that I have found my project, I am excited about the idea of being able to make a contribution to a global data set. The second reason is because when it’s spring, I’ll take any excuse to get outside and go birding! Over the next several weeks, there will be a series of blog posts about my citizen science project with updates, photographs, and reports from … Continue Reading →